When is my rent due?

Your tenancy agreement will provide details of when your rent is due. Some tenants are on a weekly tenancy agreement, meaning their rent should be paid each week, and others are on a monthly agreement and should therefore be paid monthly. 

We understand that sometimes you may receive your income at a different time to when your rent is due. If this is the case, please contact our Rent Recovery Team to arrange a payment schedule that fits around your income. 

Paying rent is your legal responsibility which you accepted when you signed your tenancy agreement, so it is important that you keep your payments up to date.

If you do not pay your rent when it is due you will get into arrears. CGA take rent arrears very seriously, and will take action if you fall behind with your rent. This could result in you losing your home.

If you're struggling to pay your rent, let us know.

For more details have a look at our 'struggling to pay your rent' page.