Meet The Board

The Board is responsible for managing the association's work and ensuring our vision is achieved. The Board is made up of 11 members. 5 of those are tenants, 2 are representatives from Preston City Council, and 4 are independent recruits.

The Board makes important strategic and financial decisions, monitors our performance and develops plans to bring about positive change in Preston. The Board is accountable to our members; it has to meet agreed standards and report to national regulator The Homes and Communities Agency.

The Board's decisions rely heavily on input and feedback from local residents. That's because the Community Gateway approach commits the organisation to building a network of neighbourhood decision-makers. The most important point is that residents can get involved in issues that are important to them, at levels where they feel confident.

Irene Bailey

Board Member Irene Bailey

Michelle Allott

Michelle Allott Board member

Angela Ayres

Board Member Angela Ayres

Roy Leeming

Board member Roy Leeming

Sue Lyons

Board Member Sue Lyons

Veronica McLintock

Board Member Veronica McLintock

Liz Petch

Board member Liz Petch

Allan Ramsay

Board Member Allan Ramsay

David Yates

Board member David Yates

Mark Yates

Board Member Mark Yates