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Pet Ownership

At Community Gateway we have a Responsible Pet Ownership Framework which advises you of the conditions that must be met in order to keep an animal in your property.

We recognise the positive effect pet ownership can have on the general health and wellbeing of individuals and welcome considerate and responsible pet owners.

However, we are also aware of the need for controls to be in place to prevent irresponsible pet ownership which can cause suffering to animals and cause a nuisance to neighbours and communities.

Ownership is a privilege, not a right and you must comply with these guidelines and ensure your animals’ welfare. Pets that may be considered suitable are: dogs, cats, small caged animals, caged birds and fish in tanks.

The control of pets living at your property or any pets visiting the property is your responsibility and you must not allow them to frighten or cause a nuisance to anybody.


Dog ownership

All dog owners have a responsibility to make sure their dog is well looked after and does not cause any nuisance to neighbours. Please note that:

  • Dogs must always be kept under control and on a lead when in public areas
  • Dog fouling must always be removed immediately
  • Dogs in public places, must wear a collar and tag with a name and postal address of the owner clearly inscribed, in line with Government legislation

Information and guidance on how to deal with dog fouling can be found on Preston City Council's Website.

Further information on dog ownership can be found in our Dog Ownership Leaflet.


XL Bully Guidance

The UK Government has added XL Bully dogs to a list of dogs that are banned in England and Wales. 

It’s a criminal offence to own or possess an XL Bully dog in England and Wales unless you have a valid Certificate of Exemption. Examples of what constitutes an XL Bully can be found here XL Bully conformation standard - GOV.UK (

It’s also an offence to:

  • Sell an XL Bully dog.
  • Abandon an XL Bully dog or let it stray.
  • Give away an XL Bully dog.
  • Breed or breed from an XL Bully dog.
  • Have an XL Bully in public without a lead and muzzle.
XL Bully
What do I need to do?

As of 1st February 2024, it is illegal to own an XL Bully dog unless your dog has been exempted. You need to have already applied for a certificate of exemption to legally keep your dog – information on how to do this is on the Government website here: Ban on XL Bully dogs - GOV.UK ( This process currently costs £92.40 per dog. If you haven’t applied for the exemption certificate yet you need to contact the Police.

You must also have third party public liability insurance for your dog. This can be arranged by Dogs Trust Membership.

Your dog must be microchipped (which is already a legal requirement). Your dog will also need to be neutered. If your dog is less than one year old on 31st January 2024, they must be neutered by 31st December 2024. If your dog is older than one year old on 31st January 2024, they must be neutered by 30th June 2024. 

Once your dog has been exempted you must stick to all these conditions otherwise you could be committing a criminal offence, and your dog could be seized. You must be able to show the Certificate of Exemption when asked by a police officer or a council dog warden, either at the time or within five days.

What will CGA do?

If you think your dog is an XL bully, you need to contact us on

If you live in one of our homes and own an XL Bully, we will fully expect you to comply with all requirements be able to give us proof you’ve complied. You will need to provide us with a copy of your Certificate of Exemption, and if you fail to provide it, we will report this to the relevant authorities.

If you believe one of our tenants has a dangerous or banned dog, please contact us on 0800 953 0213 (option 5) to let us know.  We will then work with the Police to establish if the animal is licenced and exempt or if action needs to be taken.