Get Involved

Promoting empowerment whilst putting our diverse communities at the heart of all we do through successful engagement is key to the work of CGA.

Our Community Empowerment Strategy sets out how we will engage with our tenants and residents and has a clear aim to supporting individuals, communities and partners. The strategy is split under the following four themes, with clear objectives set out under each one.

Evolving our engagement – We will…

  • Evolve and increase engagement and involvement opportunities.
  • Increase the number of active members.
  • Improve our approach to tenant scrutiny to ensure we remain accountable to our tenants.


Supporting communities – We will…

  • Develop and support voluntary and community organisations operating within our communities.
  • Support local charities that positively impact on the wellbeing of our tenants and communities.
  • Enhance our approach to community development and investment.


Supporting individuals – We will…

  • To increase the number of tenants able to digitally engage with us.
  • Empower individuals to positively grow and develop, supporting them into employment, education or training.
  • Reduce the feeling of isolation amongst our older customers.


Supporting partners – We will

  • Support local partners to deliver services that benefit our tenants and communities.

The Strategy has a real focus on Community Development with our officers based out and about in our local areas, providing accessible engagement opportunities at a time and place which suits you. We want to work with local partners, community organisations and our tenants to create safe, resilient, vibrant neighbourhoods where people want to live, delivering community development activities to meet the need of each area.


As leaders in tenant involvement and community empowerment, we believe it's really important to support tenants and Members to be involved with us, to help with this we will cover:

  • transport costs to get to and from meetings
  • childcare where needed 
  • refreshments and food


There are many benefits to getting involved, including:

  • Helping make your community a great place to live
  • Creating better local facilities for you and your family
  • Getting support to tackle issues in your local community
  • Making a real difference to the services we deliver – your views will help us to tailor our services to ensure they meet your needs
  • Improving confidence and skills
  • Access to training opportunities that will support your personal and professional growth
  • Individual support to access training, education and employment opportunities
  • Volunteer roles
  • Meeting new people and having fun!


Read more about the impact of engagement activities here ( ) or watch our video below (