Tenant Engagement Portal


View our current involvement opportunities.

We have launched the Gateway2Engagement portal to provide a hub for tenants to come together and have meaningful discussions that we can listen to and act on. Here is how you can get started with the portal. 

  • Register yourself on the engagement portal by clicking here.

  • Visit the Have Your Say page and introduce yourself to other tenants in the general discussion

  • Read the latest tenant only news on the Tenant Hub

  • Discover skills and training opportunities here

  • Find out how you can earn rewards by using the tenant portal

  • Complete a survey an earn rewards

  • Tell us about an idea you have for your community

  • Browse through opportunities to get involved and register your interest

  • Have your say in our neighbourhood studies


If you need support to access the Gateway2Engagement portal, or have any questions, please contact the Community Engagement team: 

  • Email -  get.involved@communitygateway.co.uk
  • Call - 0800 953 0213.