Noise Nuisance


We understand that noise nuisance can be very distressing.

We aim to use all the tools available to solve the problem and work closely with other agencies such as Preston City Council, Environmental Health Department and the Police.

No property is completely soundproof, so you will always hear a certain amount of noise from your neighbours.

However, it’s important to understand the difference between expected noise, such as children playing, household appliances, doors opening and closing and inconsiderate noise, such as constant loud music late at night or persistent shouting. 

How to report noise nuisance

We investigate noise nuisance in line with anti-social behavior complaints. When we receive a complaint, we will send out a noise pack which includes: a acknowledgement letter, consent form, noise nuisance diary and a leaflet, we will then investigate as appropriate.

You can report noise nuisance to us using any of the following methods. 

Further information on noise nuisance can be found on the  Preston City Council website.