Noise Nuisance

Community Gateway understands that noise nuisance can be very distressing.

We aim to use all the tools available to solve the problem and we work closely with other agencies such as Preston City Council Environmental Health Department and the Police.

However, no house or flat is totally soundproof; everyone can expect a degree of noise from neighbours and people have a right to behave normally in their homes. In flats you may have to learn to live with certain noises; like footsteps, doors closing and the noise of a vacuum or washing machine. 


If you are being disturbed by noise from neighbours it may be because:

  • Neighbours may be behaving unreasonably, eg, playing loud music late at night or allowing their dog to bark all day,
  • Neighbours may be unaware that the noise they are creating can be heard by yourself,
  • You may have become over sensitive to the noise, particularly if you do not get on with your neighbours. Some people tune into the noise from their neighbours and find it annoying while others would not.


When we receive a complaint we will send out a noise pack which includes an acknowledgement letter, consent form, Noise Nuisance diaries; and leaflet and then investigate as appropriate in line with ASB complaints

Further information on Noise nuisance can be found on the Preston City Council Website.