Homes in Development

New developments

Everyone deserves a great place to live, that is why we are building new affordable homes and developing our offering with different tenures.

We have a number of new developments soon to be available for rent. If you are interested in any of the new properties please register on Select Move

Lightfoot Lane

Following the grant of planning permission in July 2020, work has commenced at our development site at Lightfoot Lane, Fulwood. We are working with Westchurch Homes on this development, which will comprise of a range of two, three and four bedroom homes across a mix of affordable rent and shared ownership tenures. Off street car parking, amenity space and private gardens feature in the approved layout for the site.

 The development will see 89 new homes, consisting of:

  • 16 affordable rented one bed homes
  • 16 affordable rented two bed homes
  • 16 affordable rented three bed homes
  • 15 shared ownership two bed homes
  • 21 shared ownership three bed homes
  • 5 shared ownership four bed homes

The homes will be handed over in stages. The first set of homes will be ready from July 2021 and the full site will be completed by March 2023.


LightFoot Lane

Geoffrey Street

Following the grant of planning permission, work has commenced at Geoffrey Street.

The development will consist of:

  • Six x 2 Bed terraced houses.

All for affordable rent with on street parking and back yards.

The homes are due to be completed in March 2021.


Geoffrey St


Tom Benson Way

The scheme will comprise of 100% affordable rent properties, providing an essential contribution to the affordable housing stock in the Preston area. The schedule of accommodation below outlines the mix of residential properties proposed. The development will see 35 new homes, consisting of:

  • 17 x 2 bed semi-detached houses
  • 10 x 3 bed terraced houses
  • 8 x 3 bed semi-detached houses

The site benefits from private garden space, car parking areas, incidental open space and landscaping.

The hard and soft landscaping in this scheme is designed to create a high-quality public realm that is

sympathetic to the surrounding area whilst maintaining the unique identity and character of this proposed development.

The intention is to provide a unified mix of high-quality housing, designed to be locally distinctive yet adopt a similar vernacular to that of the surrounding area.

The site has been designed to complement and respond to the surrounding area, create local identity and reduce antisocial behaviour. Well-informed design and material choice will give the development longevity and contribute to the townscape.

The homes are due to be completed in December 2022.

tom benson way


Rothwell Close

Following the grant of planning permission, work has commenced at Rothwell Close.

The development will consist of:

  • 26 x 1 bed apartments remodelled into 13 x 2 bed houses with private parking and gardens

Work is being carried out by Gateway Property Care.

The homes are due to be completed in July 2021.

rothwell close