Domestic Violence

Don’t suffer in silence. Domestic abuse is wrong and nobody deserves it. Everyone has the right to live free from fear, intimidation and abuse, especially within their own home.

Domestic abuse takes many forms including physical, sexual, emotional and financial. It's about one person having power or control over another and it often gets worse over time.

Anyone who is forced to alter their behaviour because they are frightened of their partner’s reaction is being abused. However, you’re not alone; it’s widespread, although often hidden behind closed doors.


Community Gateway can help you. 

The Tenancy Management Team can offer advice and support to victims of domestic abuse who are CGA tenants and we can refer you to specialist services for help. We understand how devastating such abuse can be and how difficult it can be to gather the courage to open up to someone.


If you approach us for support we will ensure that:

  • You are treated with compassion & discretion
  • Your confidentiality and privacy are respected
  • We only take action with your consent


Further information on how we can help those suffering Domestic Violence, can be found in our Domestic Abuse Leaflet