Annual Report front cover Below you can find electronic versions of our documents and tenant newsletter, Gateway News. These are all in PDF format.

We are all about making a difference

We are all about making a difference. Each year we publish a Gateway in The Community Impact Report to show the difference we have made to people and their local communities.

This report includes how well we have met our targets in empowering and involving our tenants and local communities.

Check out the 2019/20 full report here!


For more information on our Gateway in The Community Impact Report call the Community Engagement Team on 0800 953 0213 or email

Gateway News 2019

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Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports are designed and written with tenant involvement from our Editorial Panel.

Annual Report 2018-2019

Annual Report 2017-2018

Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report 2015 -2016


Corporate Documents

Corporate Plan 2019-2024

Our Corporate Plan 2019-2024 focuses on 3 key strategic themes, each containing 3 strategic objectives, and builds on the success of the previous corporate plan to March 2019.

Community Gateway Plan 2019-2024 on a page 


Corporate Plan 2019-2024 - Stakeholders version  


Corporate Strategy 2016-2019

Our plan to take us to where we want to be

Community Gateway Association regularly reviews its aims as an organisation and sets out a 3-year plan for how we will achieve them. This is our latest Corporate Strategy which outlines our objectives and where we want to be by the end of March 2019.

How we build our plan

We build our plan around a number of strategic objectives: Governance, Empowerment, Colleagues and Culture, Development, Asset Management, Key Landlord Services, Specialist Services, Financial Strength, Resilience and Value for Money.

We have developed this plan with our Board, all our colleagues and our tenants. Our Board and tenants will review our success in achieving our targets.

Corporate Strategy 2016-19

Equality & Diversity Annual Report 2017-18

Front covr of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Community Gateway

All of our values have an impact on Equality and Diversity. Everyone matters, everyone counts and there is awareness, that if these values are not applied for everyone who comes into contact with CGA then we have failed in delivering an inclusive service.

Both the Board and Diversity Group will closely and regularly monitor progress in implementing these actions. However, everyone in CGA has clear responsibilities for promoting Equality and Diversity and the achievement of our Equality and Diversity objectives will be an important measure of CGA's success.

Equality Diversity Report Final.pdf [pdf] 817KB