How to make a comment, complaint or compliment


We welcome your comments, complaints and compliments to help us improve our services. You can find how to give us your feedback below.

  • You can send your feedback using the form below
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  • If you prefer to speak to a member of our team please call us on 0800 953 0213
Comments, Complaints and Compliments

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You can also contact the Housing Ombudsman for support and advice during any stage of the complaints process if you feel that your complaint is not being handled fairly or appropriately. If you would like to raise any issues with the Housing Ombudsman you can call them on 0300 111 300. Alternatively please visit their website.

Compliments and Complaints update

CGA is committed to providing the best possible service to all our customers but sometimes we get it wrong, if you are unhappy with any part of CGA’s service, please let us know, if you don’t tell us, we cannot try to put it right. It is also great to hear when we have provided you with excellent service and really appreciate it when customers take the time to let us know when we’ve got it right.


Between April 2020 – March 2021

We received 70 compliments about the services we provide and the people who work for us. Most compliments have been received by our Tenancy Support Team, particularly around the support they have provided to individuals during the pandemic and the GreenCare team for the garden scheme and grounds maintenance service.

The average time taken to resolve a complaint was 2.1 days using the ‘resolve in 5 route’ which has a 5 day target.

The average time to resolve a complaint was 6.9 days using the ‘investigate it route’ which has a 10 day target.

We have received 40 complaints, with 33 of these complaints being upheld or partially upheld, resulting in changes to our procedures or working practices, as well as additional training to ensure we learn from the feedback we receive.


Examples of what changes we have made, and lessons learnt this year are:

  • GreenCare were retrained to ensure standards were being met when cleaning communal areas in our blocks of flats.
  • We changed the way we communicate with you in relation to health and safety and what we do to keep you safe, providing more information via social media in easy to manage bite sized chunks to ensure everyone knows what is expected and why. We also made sure that when we couldn’t get in to check your safety action was taken quickly to avoid further delays.
  • We asked our repairs contractors to provide more thorough notes on visits to your home, so we know what you have been told and the works carried out meet yours and our expectations.
  • We changed the wording on our leaseholder service charge letters, so they were clearer and more transparent.
  • Changes were made to the way we deal with pest control issues, with more focus placed on investigating how pests were getting into homes.
  • We updated our approach to how we communicate with you in relation to repairs to ensure we provide clear and timely information, so you are fully aware of what to expect and when.
  • PropertyCare were trained on the importance of spotting patterns in repairs issues, so that when repeat problems occur these can be picked up fast and dealt with quickly.
  • Our rent letters were changed to make them clearer and more supportive.

Please do get in touch in whatever way suits you if you need to make a complaint or want to inform us about any concerns you have, we are here to help and want to improve our services to provide you with the best service we can.

Further information

Further information on our comments, complaints and compliments procedure can be found in the documents below. 

 Complaints Leaflet Complaints Procedure Complaints Handling Code