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At Community Gateway, we understand that people's circumstances change, whether it's children growing up and moving on, or needing a home with room for adaptations. We are here to help you find the right home for you and your family, and our flexible approach means that we'll find the perfect property for your needs.

If you are a current tenant of CGA and are interested in swapping your home with another social housing tenant you can register your details on

If you need any help with your mutual exchange application and advert, please contact us on 0800 953 0213 (options 2).

If you have already found a tenant who you are wanting to swap homes with please contact our Tenancy Services Team:

Step one:
Advertise your home

You can advertise your home on the exchange list at SelectMove, or you could use local shops or notice boards, to tell other people that you want a move. To improve your chances of finding someone to swap with, it helps if you tell people:

  • The type of home you live in (such as house or flat) and number of bedrooms
  • Where your home is (the area or street)
  • Your contact details
  • Any special items that other people might like about your home (such as a new kitchen, garage or big garden)
  • What type of home you want and how many bedrooms you need
  • The area(s) that you are prepared to consider
  • Anything else that is important to you


Step two:
Find a swap

If you find a home that you’d like, or someone contacts you about an advert that you’ve placed, it’s time to check out each other’s homes. When you agree to swap homes with another tenant you are accepting the property in the condition you find it. If the swap goes ahead, you must repair or decorate your new home. So make sure that everything is in good working order.

Your new landlord will still be responsible for normal repairs, but not for dealing with any damage caused before the swap. It would be up to you to deal with any breakages. You need to discuss what the outgoing tenant will take with them and what will be left when you move in.

Now and again, someone might tell you that their landlord will improve the home in a few months. If this happens, check it out before you agree to swap. Otherwise, you could exchange homes and then find you have to wait.

Step three:
Put pen to paper

Once you find the home of your dreams and the tenant agrees to swap, it’s time to fill in the paperwork. Every tenant involved in the swap needs to fill in an ‘Application to exchange homes with another tenant’ form. The form can be filled out below.

Check whether your swap partner’s landlord is CGA. If not, all landlords involved must give written permission for the swap to happen. There may be separate forms to fill in for each landlord.

Please send your completed application form to: Community Gateway, Harbour House Port Way, Ashton-On-Ribble, Preston, PR2 2DW or complete the form below.

Step four:
Home checks

Once the completed forms have been received, you and the other tenant(s) will get a home visit. The purpose of this visit is to inspect your home and:

  • Check through the details on your application form
  • Assess the condition of your home
  • See if your rent account (and that of any other tenants involved in the swap) is clear
  • Check if you want to move to a suitable size and type of home. At this stage, any improvements, alterations or repairs needed will be noted. We will also record if any items seem unsafe or might be a hazard to other people. If there are any problems.

Step five: Ready or not?

After checks have been made, CGA will write and let you know if you are allowed to swap. If you want to swap with the tenant of another landlord, you can only move if each landlord agrees to the swap. CGA must tell you in writing whether the swap can go ahead. You will be told this within 42 days of your application being received.

You must not move first, then ask for your landlord’s permission to swap later. If you do this, you may be asked to move back at your own cost. Legal action may follow. Sometimes there may be a problem which needs sorting out before the swap can go ahead. This might mean clearing any rent arrears before you move or repairing damage that is thought to be of your own making. You must not move until you have met all these conditions.

Step six: Moving on

Once the move has been agreed in writing, you can agree a date for moving.

Before the move happens, an appointment will be made for you to come in to the CGA office to sign the official paperwork. Once you have signed for your new home (but not before), you can move in.








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