Rent advice


The payments you make for your home are our main source of income. This money is used to maintain the homes we manage, and to allow us to provide a good-quality service.

Paying your rent and service charges is your main responsibility as a Community Gateway tenant. if you claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, you must make sure we receive this and that you don't fall into arrears.

Your tenancy agreement says that any rent payments must be paid weekly or monthly in advance. We are happy for you to pay by the method and frequency that's best for you - but you must make sure that your account does not go into arrears between payments.

Income Management Policy

Ways to pay your rent

You can pay your rent in a number of different ways to suit you.


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Finding it hard to pay your rent?

There may be times you struggle to pay your rent. We want you to know we're here to help.


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When is my rent due?

Find out more about when your rent is due here.



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