Equality and Diversity at CGA

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We recognise that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion play an important part in everything we do. We value the unique and diverse communities in which we operate and are committed to ensuring they continue to flourish.

We truly believe that an inclusive approach benefits all – it benefits our business but most importantly it benefits our communities; increasing community cohesion and pride and enabling people to reach their full potential.

We aim to have a workforce which broadly reflects the communities which we serve; to work with and learn from each other to continually improve the service we deliver. We strive to ensure our recruitment practices are fair, open, easy to access and as inclusive as possible.

We are fortunate to work in a city that has always welcomed and celebrated different cultures but are mindful that, for many, inequality still exists. We recognise that certain groups in society are disadvantaged and often do not have equal access to jobs and services. In the provision of housing services to tenants and the employment of staff to deliver these services, we will always seek to ensure that we treat every individual according to their needs and with respect.

We believe we have achieved a great deal but acknowledge that there is always more that can be done. Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is central to the way that we work and runs throughout our Corporate Strategy and accompanying policies and procedures:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Equality and Diversity Report 2020-21

Gender Pay Gap 2021