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Maintaining a healthy home

Our main priority and responsibility as a landlord is to provide you with a safe and healthy home. 

All homes are at risk of condensation, particularly through the winter months, and small amounts of condensation occur in most homes. It is perfectly normal to find a little bit of condensation on the lower part of a bedroom window first thing in the morning, for example.

If you have excess condensation in your home, this can lead to problems such as mould growth, which can affect your health and the health of your home.

Small amounts of condensation are not usually a problem, and there are some everyday things we can all do to help prevent it.

We’ve worked with Energy Saving Trust to create a handbook and a short video to help you manage condensation and maintain a healthy home.

The handbook and video also contain information on the different types of damp so that you can identify any concerns and let us know if there is a problem in your home.

Report Damp, Mould and Condensation

If you spot any damp or mould in your home, let us know straight away. We will arrange an inspection and then let you know what the next steps will be.

Download the Healthy Homes Handbook

Check out this handy guide to maintaining a healthy home with Community Gateway. Scroll for the handbook in different languages.

Download our Healthy Homes Handbook in different languages: