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Thanks for watching this years Annual General Meeting. All Community Gateway members who  provide feedback will receive a £5 voucher and be in with a chance of winning £250 vouchers of your choice. 

Annual General Meeting Documents

Please find below the agenda for the virtual Annual General Meeting 2020, together with all the supporting documents you will need. Do take a good look through to enable you to cast your proxy vote either online here or by returning the proxy vote form in your Annual Report pack in the freepost envelope supplied. All documents are in Word and PDF formats for your convenience.

We would like to particularly draw your attention to the Gateway in the Community Impact Report 2019/20 which shows the real breadth and impact of our work across all communities – transforming lives, transforming neighbourhoods.

If you have any queries about the papers or the AGM, please contact our Governance Team on 01772 268013 or email

Annual Report 2019/20

AGENDA 2020.doc

AGENDA 2020.pdf





Supporting documents for Resolution 1

Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting.doc

Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting.pdf  


Supporting documents for Resolution 4




Supporting documents for Resolution 5




Supporting documents for Resolution 6



Supporting documents for Resolution 7



Annual General Meetings

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, things have to be a little different this year to keep everyone safe, so we are holding our Annual General Meeting online. We hope lots of our Members will attend the event to see everything that has been going on at Community Gateway over the past year. 

If you are a Member you will still have the opportunity to vote at the AGM, but we are asking that you do this before the event by completing the proxy form and RSVP below, or by returning the paper version of the forms which you will receive alongside the Annual Report.

You can read the Agenda and the supporting papers for the AGM by clicking here.

All Members who attend and watch the full event and complete the survey at the end of the event will receive a £5.00 gift voucher and will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 vouchers of your choice! Please return both forms by the 4th September.

If you have any queries about the papers or the AGM, please contact our Governance Team on 01772 268013 or email


RSVP and Proxy Voting online form

To: The Company Secretary, Community Gateway Association Ltd.

Being a Member of the above named Association, I (the below named)

hereby appoint the Chair of the Annual General Meeting as my Proxy to vote in my name and on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, to be held on 10th September 2020, and at any adjournment thereof…..


Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

  For Against Abstain
AGM Resolution 1 Approve the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 11th September 2019.
AGM Resolution 2 Approve the Directors’ Report and Financial Statements, for the period ending 31st March 2020.
AGM Resolution 3 Approve the appointment of Beever and Struthers as auditors for the forthcoming year
AGM Resolution 4 Re-appoint Sue Lyons as a Tenant Board Member
AGM Resolution 5 Appoint Phil Parramore as a Tenant Board Member
AGM Resolution 6 Approve progress against the Community Empowerment Strategy
AGM Resolution 7 That Rules of the Association are amended to: C20.1 Before any General Meeting can start its business there must be a quorum present. A quorum is one-tenth of all Members, with a minimum number of 50. At least 50 Members must be present in person. C20.2 For the purposes of rules C23.1 and these rules, a Member shall be deemed to be present in person (whether or not all attendees are assembled in one place) if they are either: •present physically at the place of the meeting; or •they are present through any medium which permits those attending to be able to hear, comment, and vote on any resolutions being considered by shareholders at the relevant general meeting (including by way of telephone or video conferencing or such other means as may be authorised by the board from time to time). C23 The Chair of any General Meeting can: C23.1 take the business of the meeting in any order that the Chair may decide; and C23.2 adjourn the meeting if the majority of the Members present agree (within the meaning given in rule C20.2). An adjourned meeting can only deal with matters adjourned from the original meeting. An adjourned meeting is a continuation of the original meeting. The date of all resolutions passed is the date they were passed (as opposed to the date of the original meeting). There is no need to give notice of an adjournment or to give notice of the business to be transacted.