We want our website to be as easy as possible for you to use. Maintaining an accessible website is an ongoing process and we are continually working to offer a user friendly experience. If you have any problems using this website please contact us via our online form or at


  • Colour Contrast - Please select the tab that reads “Accessibility” in the top right hand side of the Home page to select Normal, Soft or High contrast. There are more options for colour contrast by selecting the "Speak or Translate Me" tab and selecting the colour of your choice.


  • Enable Text Mode - Please select the tab that reads “Speak or Translate Me”. Select enable or disable text.


  • Recite Me - ‘Recite Me’ lets you customise our website to work in a way that helps you use it best. We have made sure it is simple to use, you do not have to download or install anything and there are no compatibility issues. So whether you have dyslexia, a visual impairment or English is not your first language, ‘Recite Me’ has the tools to help. To access ‘Recite Me’, all you need to do is click on the Recite Me toolbar at the top of every page.


  • Resizing Text - Please select the tab that reads “Speak or Translate Me”. Here you can change the font, line height, character spacing and text size. Open – Dyslexic font is available here and we would welcome feedback on whether this is a usual font. You can also select the eye glass icon to magnify text .


  • Speak Text - Please select the tab that reads “Speak or Translate Me”. Select play.


  • Other Features - If you find a screen ruler or screen mask useful or you prefer to download content to a MP3 file these tools are available in the "Speak or Translate Me" menu. To close "Speak or Translate Me" select the X icon.   


  • Please note - “Report a Repair" is a third party product that uses iframes and therefore is not as accessible as we would like to offer our customers. In addition there are some PDF files on our website that have been published historically that do not meet accessibility guidelines. Whilst we update our library of PDFs we would be happy to provide content in the format of your choice. If you do come across a document on the website that you are unable to view please get in touch with us.


We welcome feedback on the accessibility of this website. 

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