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report a repair

CGA wants to provide the highest quality repairs and maintenance service to its tenants. The association aims to repair tenants' homes quickly, and finish repairs in one visit wherever possible.
You can report a repair in any of the following ways:

Report a repair online

report a repair picturesreport a repair pictures text only

Report a repair via telephone

Call us free on 0800 953 0213
(Call are free from a landline, calls from a mobile may be charged)

or on landline 01772 268000
(Local rate charge for mobile phones).

Gateway Direct is open 8:30 a.m – 5:30 p.m Monday-Friday.

Emergency Repairs can be reported at any time on 0800 953 0213 or on 01772 268000 from a mobile phone.

What are CGA responsible for?
CGA are responsible for repairing and maintaining

  • The structure, outside and shared parts of tenants' homes
  • Installations for supplying water, gas and electricity and disposing of sanitation and waste
  • Heating and hot water installations
  • Shared areas inside and outside properties owned by the association.

What are tenants responsible for?

  • Taking good care of their homes
  • Reporting any repairs or faults to CGA immediately
  • Anything that belongs to them
  • Internal decorations and minor cracks
  • Accidental damage
  • Maintaining paths, sheds, garages and driveways
  • Looking after their gardens
  • Taking precautions against frost damage and frozen pipes
  • Fitting appliances safely and (for gas appliances) by a qualified Gas Safe installer

Where a tenant has applied to buy their home under the Right to Buy, we will still maintain the property. But we will not carry out any repairs or improvements that affect the value of the dwelling (such as fitting a new kitchen or improving heating systems).

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