Working Safely in your Home

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure the health and safety of our colleagues and tenants, Community Gateway Association has conducted a COVID-19 risk assessment for its office activities and whilst working in and around our tenants’ homes. We have paid particular attention to Government guidance, particularly that around working safely during the coronavirus outbreak; in offices and contact centres, in other people’s homes, construction and other outdoor work.

In order to protect our colleagues and tenants, as we carefully reintroduce services we will:

  • Ensure that our workplaces are COVID Secure
  • Complete task specific COVID-19 risk assessments where colleagues cannot work from home eg. maintenance and repair work, to ensure the task can be competed safely
  • Observe social distancing at all times and ask our tenants to do the same when we are working in or around their homes
  • Ensure all colleagues maintain high standards of hygiene by providing hand washing / hand sanitising facilities, cleaning provisions and issuing regular reminders
  • Where required by the task, provide appropriate PPE – for example our Support Line Responders where close contact may be unavoidable.
  • Assess the risk to clinically vulnerable and clinically extremely vulnerable persons and put in place extra measures where required
  • Provide information to our colleagues and tenants by social media and our other regular communication channels.

We will continue to closely monitor the Government advice and guidelines and respond accordingly.