The Courtyards

Welcome to The Courtyards, Preston's first extra care development incorporating eye-catching design features along with careful interior planning, maximising all available living space designed with you in mind. This specialised housing for individuals over the age of 55 offers you freedom and choice, enabling you to enjoy an independent lifestyle, adapting to your personal needs if they change over time, meaning there is less chance of you having to move home if your care needs increase.

The complex offers affordable purpose-built accommodation that is both modern and comfortable,finished to a high-end specification and equipped to meet your changing needs and aspirations as you grow older. Set in landscaped grounds, The Courtyards features twenty one-bedroom and forty two-bedroom apartments and benefits from an on-site housing support service, a 24/7 care service, as well as a light and contemporary bistro, a hair and beauty salon, treatment and consultation rooms and a diverse programme of activities for all to enjoy.

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The Courtyards interior


The onsite care service at The Courtyards will comprise of two elements:

• The core service, which is commissioned by Lancashire County Council (LCC) includes a 24-hour care wellbeing service and any unplanned care which needs to be delivered in an emergency. As a resident, you would need to pay for the core service offered by the appointed onsite provider.

• Residents will have complete choice over which organisation delivers their individual care package. A core service charge is included within the cost of living at The Courtyards which will either be funded by LCC or your personal budget.


Barn Panoramic

Who can apply to live at The Courtyards?

The following criteria applies if you wish to apply for a home at The Courtyards:

Age: We welcome individuals who are aged 55 years or older. In the case of joint applications (spouse or partner), both parties must be 55 years or older.

Care and Support Needs: You will need to demonstrate that you meet one or a combination of the following criteria in addition to being over 55:

  • Require assistance with daily living tasks and/or personal care
  • Your present living situation is no longer suitable because of layout or because care and/or other facilities cannot be readily, practically or economically provided there
  • You require extra care housing services which are not available in your current home, or available to the appropriate level
  • You require the provision of more intensive, 24/7 onsite care and housing support services
  • Considered vulnerable and at risk which would make access to housing support and care services invaluable but your current care package is limited or non- existent; this may include socially isolated people
  • Will have care and/or housing support needs because of frailty, long term illness or a range of physical difficulties or disabilities
  • Have a degenerative condition where an early move could prolong independence and maintain or improve your quality of life
  • Have care and/or housing support needs because of dementia, mental illness, and learning disabilities or some other type of cognitive impairment
  • Are applying jointly because one person wishes to provide care to the other (e.g. one individual partner/spouse with learning disabilities/care support needs)

Further Information

Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement is the legal contract that describes your rights and responsibilities (as the tenant) and our rights and responsibilities (as the landlord).

It also tells you about the services you can expect from us. If you have any questions about your tenancy agreement please contact us on 0800 953 0213

The Courtyards - Assured Tenancy Agreement

The Courtyards - Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement



Below you will find a list of leaflets about The Courtyards.

If the information you are looking for is not covered in the leaflets provided,  please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 953 0213 and we will be happy to help.

The Courtyards - Mobility Scooter policy

The Courtyards - Fire Safety