Show Apartment

The show apartment is an accurate reflection on what each apartment entails within The Courtyards. Each property has the following features to ensure residents can live independently and safely, with a flexible level of support and care which suits their personal needs:


Tunstall equipment – Communicall Vi IP is the first IP housing communications system. It adds an extra dimension to housing with care, enhancing the resident experience and setting a new benchmark in technology enabled care. Stylish, contemporary IP phones in each dwelling can be used to make free on-site calls to other residents and on-site services, as well as providing video door entry and speech communication in the event of an alarm call.


Jack and Jill doors – this type of door has been installed throughout each apartment to allow fluid accessibility throughout the property as any room can be accessed from either two of the adjoining rooms, whilst maximising space as they sit within the wall space, ensuring residents can manoeuvre through their home as one complete open space

Show flat overview

Typical floor plan for a one bedroom and two bedroom apartment at The Courtyards


Adaptable space – each apartment offers unrestrained floor space to ensure residents are able to enjoy their home without limiting elements preventing them from exercising their daily living tasks. Bountiful floor space allows individuals with walking aids or wheelchairs to freely wander around their apartment without the concern of turning circles or narrow door frames being restrictive. With the Jack and Jill door style being used, this allows residents to easily open doors with a sliding motion due to their lightweight feature.


Show Appartment interior HAPPI principles – the HAPPI principles have been incorporated within The Courtyards developments design, which reflect the following elements:

  • Space and flexibility
  • Dual-aspect daylight in the home and in shared spaces
  • Balconies and outdoor space
  • Adaptability and 'care ready' design
  • Positive use of circulation space
  • Plants, trees, and the natural environment
  • Shared facilities and spaces
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable design
  • Storage for belongings
  • External shared surfaces