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Come and visit our show apartment to see how truly wonderful living at The Courtyards could be. Each property comes with many has several features as standard to ensure residents can live independently and safely, with tailored support and care to suit personal needs:

Integrated telephone/video equipment - Stylish, contemporary internet-enabled phones in each home can be used to make free on-site calls to other residents or to call on-site support services, as well as providing video door entry and speech communication in the event of an emergency or alarm call.

Jack and Jill doors - This type of door is fitted to every apartment so you can move easily through the property as one complete open space from either two of the adjoining rooms. Their design also maximises space as they sit within the wall space.

Show flat overview

Typical floor plan for a one bedroom and two bedroom apartment at The Courtyards


Adaptable space - Each apartment is cleverly designed to keep floor space clear. This means it’s completely accessible if you use a walking aid, scooter or wheelchair. The internal sliding doors are lightweight and easy to open. The apartments have an area which fits a mobility scooter if needed.


Designed for ageing well - The whole design of The Courtyards incorporates a set of standards known as the HAPPI principles. These have been found to be important in maintaining and enhancing our quality of life as we grow older. They include:

  • Space and flexibility
  • Dual-aspect daylight in the home and in shared spaces
  • Balconies and outdoor space
  • Adaptability and 'care ready' design
  • Carefully designed space to circulate and move around.
  • Plants, trees, and access to the natural environment
  • Shared facilities and spaces
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable design
  • Storage for belongings
  • External shared surfaces

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