Frequently asked questions

This page answers questions that CGA regularly get asked from tenants about their neighbourhood.

Someone has dumped rubbish on the corner of our street. How can we get it removed?

Preston City Council is responsible for dealing with this, so please report to them directly. If you know who dumped the rubbish, please let the Council know. They can fine people who do this - and people who repeatedly dump rubbish could be prosecuted through the magistrate's court, or served with an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO).

Fly tipping on CGA's land will be cleared away by our GreenCare Team. Fly tipping on Preston City Council's land will be cleared away by them.  

If the person dumping rubbish is a Community Gateway tenant, please let us know too. Repeated rubbish dumping is a breach of the tenancy agreement, and we could take legal action.

Youths keep riding motorbikes around our neighbourhood, causing a nuisance. What can be done about it?

Initially, you need to let the Police know, as they can fine the people concerned. They may be able to confiscate the bikes if people are riding around without a helmet or a licence.

If the person concerned is a CGA tenant, or a relative of a tenant, you should also let us know. In some cases, if there is proof that continued nuisance is having a bad impact on people's quality of life, CGA can take legal action against the people concerned. We will also make sure that the Police are aware of the problem (if not already).

My neighbour plays loud music all night. How can CGA help me?

Please contact our Tenancy Management Team. Our team can visit you at home and explain what can and can't be done under the tenancy agreement. We can arrange this visit out of normal office hours if this is more convenient for you. We can provide you with incident report sheets (like a diary) so that you can record what is happening, how often and at what times. We can also provide Dictaphones for those people who may struggle to complete written reports. By recording this information, you are helping CGA to assess the case and work out whether legal action can be taken against the person causing the nuisance.

In very bad cases, CGA may issue a written warning under the tenancy agreement and call the tenant in for interview. As a last resort, we will consider legal action with a view to repossessing the offender's home.

The Council's Environmental Health service also has powers to serve a legal notice against a resident causing noise nuisance. If someone is served with a notice and doesn't comply with this, the Council could potentially seize the stereo equipment - or even prosecute the person.

You can contact the Council on 01772 906163 in office hours, or 01772 794728 at evenings and weekends.