Latest news at CGA — articles for September 2018

Come and join the fun at our Greener, Cleaner Days

CGA Greener, Cleaner Days is a series of new events coming this October with the aim of improving environmental appearance and promoting wellbeing and healthy living for our residents.         

On Tuesday 2nd October we will be at St Bernards Club on Larches Estate and on Thursday 4th October 2018 at the Community Centre on Grange Estate.

Both events will run from 10am – 3pm, so come along and join in the fun!

We’ll be addressing key environmental issues in the areas including recycling, fly tipping, dog fouling, garden conditions and unlawful structures.

At the first event at St. Bernard's Club, we will also be holding a Food Hub.

Working with partner organisations which include Preston City Council, Lancashire Fire and Rescue, Cross Gates Church and Lancashire Constabulary, activities will include:

  • Recycling advice, information and education through schools and on the street
  • Dog chipping and advice on responsible pet ownership
  • Provision of skips
  • “Larder” to educate on healthy eating
  • Door to door consultation
  • Improvement of residents gardens and properties
  • Grounds maintenance and shrub bed improvements

Review: AGM 2018

Image of two ladies laughingOur thirteenth Annual General Meeting took place on 13th September at the Gujurat Hindu Centre on South Meadow Lane. 

Alongside the AGM, attendees got to learn about the work of our teams, were treated to great food, raffle prizes, and chose the winners of the 2018 AGM Community Fund Awards.

The event was a huge success with over 160 people in attendance, including 92 members of the Association.Image of two people looking at some design work

Thank you to all of our tenants and members who attend the event and voted.

To read all of the answers from our Directors Question Time panel at the event, head over to our AGM page to see what they had to say!


AGM Community Fund 2018

At this year’s AGM, members had the opportunity to vote on community projects they wanted Gateway to support across four categories: Environmental, Health and Wellbeing, Performing Arts and Equality and Diversity.

Winners received £2,000 towards their project and runners up received £250.


Environmental Project

Winner: Let’s Grow PrestonLets Grow Preston receiving their award

Let’s Grow Preston bid to build an outdoor kitchen at Grange Community Gardens from which they will run cook and eat sessions with local people and utilise excess crops from local allotment sites.  

Runners Up: Larches and Savick Community Association Oaktree Gardens Project, Grange School Armistice Memorial Garden.


Equality and Diversity Project

Winner: Friends of Winckley Square Friends of Winckley Square receiving their award

The Friends of Winckley Square bid to deliver a programme of family walks in Winckley Square and will bring to life the diverse stories of people who lived around the square with follow up activities delivered through their website.

Runners Up: Afghan Community Association publicity project, The Windrush Group men’s health survey project.


Performing Arts Project

Winner: Preston Caribbean Carnival Preston Caribbean Carnival receiving their award.

Preston Caribbean Carnival bid to create two new dance troupes for the ages 8-14 and 15-18 focussing on the City Centre and Ribbleton areas with the new troupes taking part in Carnivals in Preston and beyond in Summer 2019.

Runners Up: Meladrama, Cacophany Arkestra


Health and Wellbeing Project

Winner: Dig In Dig In receiving their award.

Dig In has set up a new carpentry workshop, and their project will deliver a series of carpentry workshops for local community members with a celebration event at the end of the project to enable participants to showcase their finished articles.

Runners Up: Ascension Community Pantry, Ribbleton Bike Revival Get Cycling project.


New Tree Survey Gets Underway

Gateway GreenCare have commissioned a company called Urban Green to undertake a survey of all of our trees on communal land and tenants’ gardens.

This survey will identify maintenance work to maintain our tree stock in a healthy and safe condition.

The survey started in early September and will continue on into the winter.

The plan is to visit each area in turn and tenants will be informed prior to anyone visiting their homes.

For any further information on this project contact GreenCare Manager, Noel Murphy, at