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Our Housing Policy

Your Tenancy Agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and those of Community Gateway Association.

You are responsible for the behaviour of every person (including children) living in, or visiting, your home. You are responsible for their behaviour in your home, in shared areas and in the locality of your home. You, or anyone living with you or visiting your home, must not do anything which causes or is likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to any person residing, visiting or engaging in a lawful activity in the locality of your home.  

Before letting our properties, we carry out the following checks to ensue all our tenants feel safe and secure in their home.

Certain behaviour and/or convictions of the applicant(s) or household member may result in them being disqualified from joining. Examples include where the applicant or household member has:

  • Unspent criminal convictions that make them unsuitable to be a tenant due to the threat or risk they pose. This will be determined by the information provided by probation, police intelligence and evidence available via the approved protocol.
  • Engaged in anti-social behaviour such that action has been taken, or could have been taken against that person such as a Civil Injunction, Criminal Behaviour Order, Community Protection Notice, Demotion Order or Possession Order.
  • Previously been evicted by a Select Move partner and the reasons for the eviction whether behavioural or financial are still considered a risk to the landlord. The applicant/household member has the right to appeal this decision. Appeals will be considered by the Registered Provider that carried out the eviction. Any further appeals will not be considered within 12 months.
  • Been convicted of using or allowing current or former accommodation to be used for illegal and/or immoral purposes.
  • Been responsible for neglecting, damaging or abandoning a previous property.
  • Been responsible for providing false information in connection with making a housing application and or obtaining a tenancy.
  • Been responsible for tenancy fraud.


When assessing whether the behaviour of the applicant or household member is serious enough to disqualify them from joining, the following matters will be considered by the Select Move partner assessing the application.

  • Has the applicant or household member behaved in such a way that they are considered to be unsuitable to be a tenant of a Select Move partner and at the time of the application is the applicant or household member still considered to be unsuitable to be a tenant of a Select Move partner by reason of their behaviour or the behaviour of any person named on the application and if the behaviour is serious enough to entitle a landlord to commence legal proceeding and/or the behaviour poses a serious risk to staff of any Select Move partner, tenants of a Select Move partner or the local community.
  • Partners will however consider the circumstances of each case individually and applicants/household members are entitled to present any mitigating circumstances and information for consideration. Consideration will also be given to those applicants/household members with housing related debt and/ or convictions where there is a statutory duty to assist by the Local Authority. These applicants will be required to demonstrate a commitment to reducing the debt and the maintenance of a repayment plan or improved behaviour or reduced risk.

We are committed to providing an excellent service to all our customers. So, before you can rent a property you will need to provide information and documents to show that you will be a good tenant.

Your tenancy agreement is the legal contract that describes your rights and responsibilities (as the tenant) and our rights and responsibilities (as the landlord), you can view it here.

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