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Mandatory Face Coverings

As of Friday 24th July, all adults are required to wear a face covering when in shops and supermarkets unless they have an exemption. Here are a few important points to remember. 


  • A face covering does NOT protect you. They are to be worn to offer protection to others from yourself should you be infected with COVID-19 but not experiencing symptoms.
  • Wearing a face covering does not replace the need for social distancing. You should remain two metres away from others where ever you can. This is your safest option regardless of if you are wearing a face covering or not. 
  • Using a face covering incorrectly could put you at higher risk so its really important you know how to use a covering safely:
    • Wash your hands for 20 seconds or use sanitiser if washing is not possible, before and after putting on and taking off your face covering
    • Ensure your face covering covers both you mouth and nose
    • Leave it alone – always try and avoid touching the front of your face covering
    • Do not pull your face covering under your chin to talk to people (or for any other reason)
    • Do not remove your face covering from your ears 
    • Wash your face covering regularly or dispose appropriately after use if disposable

Face Covering

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