Internal Case Review Panel

ASB Day of action

We are committed to ensuring residents feel safe and secure in their homes and communities. That is why our Tenancy Management team work with partners across Preston to tackle anti-social behaviour and safeguarding issues. The team deal with a huge variety of issues including, but certainly not limited to, noise nuisance, neighbour disputes, safeguarding concerns and hate crimes.

To ensure consistently high standards when dealing with cases we have set up a internal case review panel to look into all our anti-social behaviour and safeguarding cases thoroughly. The group is chaired by the Tenancy Management Team Leader and includes a tenant member, safeguarding officer and legal representative. The group meets monthly to seek assurance that in all cases, the right processes have been followed and the correct support given.

Hannah McCusker, Tenancy Management Team Leader said:

“We are always looking at ways we can improve our service and this panel is a great way for us to learn from real examples and use the expertise of the panel members to get the best possible outcomes for our customers.” 

Sharon Cowan-Stout, Safeguarding Lead Officer said:

“This robust approach to quality checking how we deal with cases really reflects our commitment to improving practices through scrutiny and challenge. I welcome this progressive approach and feel confident that this will lead to improved outcomes for our customers and communities.”

Updates from the meetings can be found below.