Equality and Diversity at CGA

We also understand that it is important we take into account what matters to, and affects our, customers.

Through understanding the diversity of our communities, we are able to achieve a greater understanding of issues that are meaningful to our customers in their everyday lives.

CGA emphasises its commitments to its customers through the values of the organisation:

  • We do what we say
  • We are open and honest
  • We put our diverse communities at the heart of all we do
  • We promote empowerment
  • We value and support all our people
  • We passionately promote Gateway

All of our values have an impact on Equality and Diversity. Everyone matters, everyone counts and there is awareness, that if these values are not applied for everyone who comes into contact with CGA then we have failed in delivering an inclusive service.

The introduction of the Equality Act 2010 (the Act) brings together nine previous anti-discrimination laws within a single Act. The Act’s aim is to simplify and strengthen the law relating to discrimination and inequality and throughout this strategy consideration is given to the changes that the Act has brought about.

Both the Board and Diversity Group will closely and regularly monitor progress in implementing these actions. However, everyone in CGA has clear responsibilities for promoting Equality and Diversity and the achievement of our Equality and Diversity objectives will be an important measure of CGAs success.


Rob Wakefield

Chief Executive