Community Minibus


Our Community Minibus, is free to use by community groups which operate in our neighbourhoods - carrying up to 16 passengers per journey.

Hiring our minibus doesn not cost you anything apart from the fuel you use. So whether it's for a fun day out or to help get your group to a nearby event or activity, CGA's minibus is available for you to use each and every day.

Examples of use include day trips to Skipton and Bury markets, evening trips to local restaurants or youth football cubs driving to matches.

The minibus is driven by volunteers. So if you are aged under 70 and would like to volunteer your time to drive the bus, contact us below. Full training will be provided.

Interested in hiring the minibus?

For more information on our Community Minibus, or if you are interested in hiring the minibus, let us know when you want it and where you plan to go and we will give you a ring to find out more.

You can contact the Community Engagement team by: