How to make a comment, complaint or compliment

We welcome your comments, complaints and compliments to help us improve our service to tenants. You can find how to give us your feedback in our  Compliments and Complaints leaflet

You can send your feedback using the online form or if you prefer to speak to a member of our team please call us on 0800 953 0213.

Compliments and Complaints update


In 2016/2017 (Apr- Mar) we received 120 compliments!

The greatest number of compliments were received by the following teams:

  • 35.83% - for our repairs and maintenance service, Gateway PropertyCare
  • 15% - for our garden and grounds maintenance service, Gateway GreenCare
  • 11.66%  - for our call handling centre, Gateway Direct

The highest number of compliments were received from customers in the Ashton and Fishwick areas.


In 2016/17, we also received 46 complaints. This is a 44% reduction on the previous year, when we received 82 complaints.

84.78% of these complaints were dealt with at stage 1 of our complaints process, resulting in the compalints being resolved at the earliest opportunity.

21.74% of these complaints related to Gateway PropertyCare, however this is a significant decrease on the previous year when 57% of compalints related to Gateway PropertyCare.

The percentage of complaints that were upheld was 41.3% and the percentage of complaints that weren't upheld was 47.82%.