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Welfare benefits

Did you know that around £17.7 billion of benefits goes unclaimed every year?

This is a staggering amount of money. Money you could be entitled to. Money that could help support you and your family sustain your tenancy and build a richer longer lasting life.This money often goes unclaimed because tenants do not know they are entitled to it.  It is therefore important that you have a regular "benefit health check".

Over £5 billion is in Tax Credits. Many people aged 25 or over on a low income do not realise they may be able to claim. Families could earn over £50,000 a year and still be entitled to some tax credits.

Pensioners are also missing out by not claiming disability benefits, pension credits, housing and council tax benefits.

If you would like to discuss any of the above with one of our Benefits Advisers please telephone 0800 953 0213 to arrange an appointment. For customer comfort and convenience all appointments are carried out at a time and place most suitable to you. You can do a benefit check yourself by visiting Turn2Us

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