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Pay your rent

Ways to pay your rent

We want to make paying your rent simple by offering you as many payment options as possible.  You can pay your rent in the following ways:

Direct Debit

This is the easiest way to pay.  Ideal for those customers who want to make payments directly from their bank account on a monthly basis.  Direct Debit can be set up on any day of the month to tie in with when you get your income. If you would like more information, or to set up a Direct Debit, please contact our Rent Recovery Team on 0800 953 0213.


Standing Order

Standing Order payments can be set up on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis direct from your bank account.

You can contact our Rent Recovery Team for a form or you can ask your bank to set it up for you. 


We accept payments by cheque made out to Community Gateway Association.  Please ensure you write your name and address on the back of your cheque, along with your rent reference number.  Cheques can be accepted at our Head Office address either in person or by post. 

Debit and Credit Cards

We accept payments by most major Debit and Credit Card over the phone and through the internet at  If you would like to make a telephone payment, please contact our Rent Recovery Team on 0800 953 0213.

Allpay Card

You can make a payment at any Post Office or PayPoint outlet.  For your nearest payment outlet visit


We would prefer customers who want to pay by cash to make payments using an Allpay card at one of the many outlets available.  However, we will accept cash at our Head Office.  Please do not send any money to us in the post.

Housing Benefit/Housing Element

Housing Benefit and Housing Element are there to help anyone on a low income.  If you are not working or you’re on a low wage you may be entitled to claim Housing Benefit or Housing Element (if you are on Universal Credit) to help you pay your rent.  If you are unsure whether you could be entitled to one of these benefits, please contact the Tenancy Support Team for advice.

Non charging weeks

There are four weeks each year when CGA does not charge rent.  These are known as ‘non charging weeks’.

If your rent payments are up to date, and you do not owe CGA any money for rent or other charges you do not need to make payments during these weeks.

However, if you owe rent or any other charges to CGA you must continue to make your payments as usual. 

If you are on a monthly payment plan, the non charging weeks will have been taken into account when setting up your payments.  Please do not change the amount you usually pay or your rent account will go into arrears.

If you are unsure whether you need to make payments during the non charging week period, please contact a member of our Rent Recovery Team on 0800 953 0213.

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